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2/22/2017 - Help

View eCampaign Analytics

Once you're eCampaign has been sent, it shouldn't be long before you can start to see activity such as the number of opens, bounces, link clicks and forwards etc. You can see this information about your eCampaign in the eCampaign Analytics.

To view the analytics for your eCampaign:

1. From the top menu bar, select:

eMarketing > Analytics

ecampaign analytics menu

2. Select the eCampaign you would like to see the analytics for.

select ecampaign

3. The Delivery Summary will be displayed, providing analytics across all deliveries of this eCampaign. If you would like to select a specific delivery then you can do so by choosing the specific date from the deliveries dropdown list.

change ecampaign sent

4. The analytics provides summarised and more detailed information on the activity of your recipients with your eCampaign. The following analytics are available via the toolbar:

Delivery Summary - Shows delivery and summarised recipient activity.

Click Analysis - Shows information on the links (URLs) clicked by the recipients.

Device Analysis - Shows information on the activity across mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

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