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Ideas management software that will transform the way you innovate.


Get ideas flowing quickly across your team, project, organisation. All your knowledge in one place, accessible from anywhere.

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Get your ideas across in the way that works best for you.

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Gain insights from colleagues, partners and customers. Rate and comment on ideas.

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Analyse Impact

Use the Innovator Dashboard to track success and see the most popular ideas.

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Innovation Simplified

Capture, evaluate and action the best ideas from your most important asset – your people.

Be a game-changer

Some ideas will be crazy. Some ideas will be silly. Some ideas will only serve to inspire better ideas.

Among all the ideas, there will be a gem of an idea that will innovate your organisation in a way that will become a game-changer.

Capture every bright idea

Quickly and easily input your ideas using our great user interface, anywhere and across all devices. All ideas can be recorded so they are always available.


Your ideas are completely searchable.

Present Your Ideas

Narrative Choose how you'd like to present your idea. You can simply give it a title and a description.

Video You can also upload a video presentation providing your audience with a complete experience.

Everything Searchable All your content is completely searchable, within the scope of the ideas' visibility.

Share Ideas – Get Feedback

Share your ideas and watch as your people share their feedback and ratings. Deciding which ideas they like best by giving a star rating.

Choose who you'd like to see your ideas - your team, your organisation, partners, customers. As few or as many can be included into your audience. It's up to you.

Return on Investment

  • Get Valuable Analytics

    Get valuable analytics about your knowledge - the ideas that are of most interest to people, your most prolific innovators, most popular topics, ideas being progressed. All information in real-time and accessible any-time, anywhere.

  • Build knowledge

    Our app provides you with a complete store of your knowledge - your ideas, ratings, feedback. A valuable source of information for your organisation.

    All your knowledge and expertiese in one place and accessible anywhere across the world.

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