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Create Content with the eCampaign Designer

Inter Technologies' eCampaign Designer lets you select one of our templates as a basis for biulding beautiful email campaigns (eCampaigns).

In this article you'll learn the basics of designing your eCampaign with the eCampaign Designer.

Select a Template

The template you select will form the basis of your eCampaign design. All of the available templates can be selected as part of the Template stage of the eCampaign wizard. Here you can choose from Layouts, Themes, My Templates, eCampaigns, or Code Your Own, to begin the design of your eCampaign.

To select a template:

1. From the top menu bar, select:

eMarketing > Create eCampaign

create ecampaign menu

2. From the Template step of the eCampaign Manager, select the template you want to use.

select template

You can choose different options to use as a basis for your eCampaign


Inter Technologies Layout templates make full use of the drag and drop functionality of the eCampaign Designer. Allowing you to quickly and easily change the content of your eCampaign such as text and images.

You can select the option you require from the toolbar

template options toolbar


Themes take the concept of the layout a step further by incorporating images, colours and text, in order to give you an almost good-to-go template. They also make use of the eCampaign Designer's drag and drop functionality.

My Templates

You can also base your eCampaign design on a template that you (or a colleague) has previously created and saved.


You can also choose from one of your existing eCampaigns, to be used as a starting point for your new eCampaign. Then just edit the content as you desire in order to create your new eCampaign.

Code Your Own

If you have you own template or eCampaign in HTML, you can use the Code Your Own option to paste your code into our HTML editor. Please note that this option does not offer the drag and drop functionality. But it does allow you to use your existing templates.

Add Your Own Content

It's quick and easy to add your own text and images using our eCampaign Designer. You can change text, upload images, add links, move around the content blocks and add new ones.

Change Text

To change text:

1. Click on the content block you wish to change.

text content block

2. The cursor appears inside the content block and you can change the text as you require.

3. You can use the content block menu to edit your content blocks:

content block edit menu

Change an Image

To change an image:

1. Hover your mouse over the image you want to change. A link menu will appear in the center of the image.

change image menu

2. Click the link.

3. In the Image dialog select the image link icon.

image dialog

4. You can then select from your own library of images you have already uploaded, or upload a new image.

image selection dialog

Drag and Drop a Content Block

To drag and drop a new content block on to your eCampaign:

1. Select the content block you would like to add, from the right content block list.

image selection dialog

2. Drag and drop the content block onto the area of your eCampaign where you would like it to be inserted.

3. The content block will be inserted into your eCampaign. You can then edit the content as you require.

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