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3/9/2017 - Help

Insert an Image into your eCampaign

Inter Technologies' eCampaign Designer lets you insert images into your eCampaign by selecting an image from your image gallery and by uploading images into your gallery.

In this article you'll learn how to replace an image placeholder with an image from your image gallery.

To insert an image into your eCampaign:

1. Make sure you have an eCampaign loaded into the eCampaign Designer.

2. Hover your mouse pointer over the image placeholder you would like to replace with your own image:

image properties menu

As you hover over the placeholder image, you will see the following image properties button appear. Click this button to open the image properties.

image properties button

Click this button to open the image properties dialog.

3. The image dialog allows you to change the Source your image, five your image a Title and define a Link to a website or place in your eCampaign.

image properties dialog

Click the image source button to assign a new image

4. In the image gallery popup, select the image you would like to insert into your eCampaign or upload an image to your gallery by selecting the Upload Image tag.

image gallery

5. The image source will be updated to reflect your selection. Click the OK button to insert your image.

Note: Clicking the OK button with the Source set to blank will remove the currently selected image from your eCampaign. If you would like to cancel your selection, click away from the image selection dialog.

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