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Import Subscribers

When you create a mailing list for the first time, it's empty - it contains no subscribers. You can of course input the subscribers manually. However, we provide a much quicker way of importing your subscribers from a comma delimited (CSV) file. Here you will learn the steps needed in order to get subscribers into your mailing list.

To import subscribers data into a mailing list:

1. A little preparation is required in order to get your data into the required format in order for it to be imported. The data should be in CSV format, which can be created using a Spreadsheet programme or an editor. The file should contain three columns, each of which should be separated by a comma - Email Address, First Name, and Last Name. Each of the subscriber records should be on their own separate row. In the spreadsheet, simply save the file to CSV format.

subscribers CSV spreadsheet

2. Once you've created your CSV file, you are ready to begin the process of importing the data into you rmailing list. To start the process, select Import Mailing Lists from the Mailing List dropdown menu.

import subscribers menu

3. In Step 1 - Select Mailing List, you will select the mailing list you would like the data importing. Once you've done this. click Next

import subscribers wizard

4. In Step 2 - Upload Subscribers, you now need to select the CSV file containing the subscribers you would like to import. Click the Browse and select the file. If the first row in your data file is used for column headings, then make sure you tick First row contains headers?. Once you've done this, click Next.

upload subscribers wizard

5. In Step 3 - Map Content you need to tell the wizard how the columns in your CSV file map to the columns in the eMarketing database. Once you've done this, click Next.

map columns wizard

6. Summary validates your selection and provides a summary of your selected parameters. Providing everything is OK, you can complete the import procedure, by clicking Next.

summary wizard

7. Your import will be scheduled and you will receive an email once it's complete.

all done wizard

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