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2/22/2017 - Article

Effective Ways to Grow your Subscribers

Savvy online marketeers will often tell you, “the money’s in the mailing list!” However that’s not entirely true. What they might be better to say is that the money is within the quality of the mailing list, rather than the number of subscribers. So how do we attract the right kind of subscriber? How do you convert interested visitors into eager subscribers? Well, keep reading on for our tips you won't want to miss.

1. Make your 'Sign-up' button connect with the user
It's very true that colours really do have an effect on user perception. Making a button red or green can have dramatically impact on user interaction. But what if you created the button to subscribe to your mailing list one in which the colour reacts with a user’s action? One marketeer did just that, by testing a submit button with a red border that changed to green once the mouse hovered over it. This small test resulted in a 40% opt-in rate to the mailing list. The reasoning behind the effect of the colour transformation is that it gives the subconsciously visual effect of moving the user from a state of 'stop' to 'go'. Giving the user the initiative to make that click and subscribe to your mailing list.

2. Make it as simple as possible to enter an email address
Input fields in many opt-in forms already come pre-filled with help-related information, such as 'Enter Your Email Address' . If you are going to adopt this strategy, makre sure that text disappears the moment somebody clicks in this input field. Your programmer just needs to add a little additional scripting to make this happen and it can make a big difference to the results. Many times, the help text will remain while the user types, ending up with a submission that's rejected as an invalid email address. For example, 'sam@sample.comEnter your email address'.

3. Encourage subscribers to forward your email campaign
Email campaign forwarding is a great way of increasing your subscribers and, guess what? It's free! Encouraging existing subscribers to forward your email to a colleague will assist you in reaching even more subscribers, and there is a good chance that the new person will be a good quality subscriber. One important thing here is to make sure the forwarding of your email campaign is done via a link to a website, rather than just forwarding through the email clients. Since not all email client programs allow you to forward images and you won't be able to track forwards in your analytics.

4. Minimize clicks to subscribe
Minimise the number of clicks it takes for people to subscribe to your mailing list. Commonly people have an opt-in button on their home page. That's fine but it means the user has to click on this button to reach the page containing the opt-in form. Our tip here is to make this process as simple and quick as possible for the user. Typically by putting the opt-in form in a side area of your website.

5. QR Codes
QR (Quick Response) Codes are a grat way of getting mobile phone users to interact with you. It means that potential subscribers can scan the barcode-like symbols and, if the information within the image includes a URL, the web page can open directly on the person’s smart phone. Allowing them to quickly to opt-in to your mailing list. The really cool thing about QR codes is that they can be distributed almost anywhere, such as business cards, exhibition stands etc.

6. Reward subscribers
Get more out of your opt-in form by offering a special incentive to new subscribers. Your opt-in confirmation form provides a great opportunity to reward subscribers with an exclusive offer.

7. Give your subscribers control over what they receive and when
If you’re getting an increase in the number of unsubscribes, it might not be just that your recipients are not finding your content useful. Perhaps they simply can’t continue receiving your emails. With the new anti-spam measures plus the ever increasing drive by email providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo to help you prioritise inbox content, it’s more important than ever that your name is on your users’ 'Favorite Senders' or 'Priority Inbox'.

Many unsubscribe forms will ask the question “Why are you leaving?” But this can be be more of an irritation to a user who's making an attempt to unsubscribe. Instead, you could ask the question as to whether they'd like to change the frequency of emails or the type of information they'd like to receive. Giving your subscribers control over what they are receiving from you helps to make you a trusted sender, who's main iam is to send content that is of interest to the reader.

8. Invite subscribers through your social networks
Your email campaign newsletter isn’t the only way to connect with subscribers. Asking your Twitter followers or Facebook friends to subscribe is a great way of getting new subscribers. With Facebook you can now post your email campaign content on to your fan page, providing an excellent way to offer potential subscribers a glimpse into what they could receive if theyt sign-up.

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