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2/22/2017 - Help

Build an eCampaign with eCampaign Designer

There are a number ways in which you can build an eCampaign - using the eCampaign Designer or importing your own HTML. When you use Inter Technologies eCampaign Designer to build your eCampaign, you will select an eCampaign type, select the recipients, choose a template and then add your own content. As follows:

1. From the top menu bar, select:

eMarketing > Create eCampaign

create ecampaign menu

2. The first step is to select the type of eCampaign you would like to build. Normally you will want to send HTML emails.

ecampaign type wizard

3. In Recipients, select the mailing list who will receive this eCampaign.

recipients wizard

3. In Details, you can tell your recipients more about your eCampaign by giving it a name, subject and information about the sender. You can also choose how you would like statistical information to be collated for you that will be available in the Analytics.

details wizard

4. In Template, you can select a starting point for how your new eCampaign will look. For this you have a number of options to choose from - template layouts, template themes and your own templates. You can view these options by selecting the required option from the toolbar:

Select from one of our template layouts:

template layouts wizard

Select from one of our template themes:

template themes wizard

Select from one of your templates, you or a team member may have already created:

my templates wizard

5. Once you've clicked on your chosen design, the content will be loaded in to the eCampaign Designer. Here you can now start to customise your eCampaign content by incoporating your own content.

design wizard

6. Click the Preview & Test button in the toolbar, to preview your eCampaign across different devices and also to send a test email.

7. When you've finished previewing your eCampaign, click the Close Preview to return to the designer.

8. Once you're happy with your eCampaign, and you are ready to send it, then you can click Next and move on to Confirm & Send.

confirm wizard

9. Read through the checklist and make sure everything is to your specification. Once you're happy, then you are ready to send. If you want to send your eCampaign immediately, click Send Now. Alternatively, if you would like to schedule your eCampaign to be sent at a later date, click Schedule Send.

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