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About Subscriber Ratings

We've provided the concept of a rating for each one of your mailing list subscribers. On a scale of one to five, it provides a measure of your subscriber engagement with your eCampaigns.

This article provides information on how we calculate the ratings and how you can use them.

How Subscriber Ratings Work

To calculate the rating, we measure your subscribers open and click activity against the frequency at which your eCampaigns as sent.

Here's an overview of what the star ratings mean:

RatingSubscriber Activity
2 starsRecipient has either unsibscribed and resubscribed, or soft-bounced.
2 starsNo engagement. Recipient is most likely newly subscribed to the mailing list, or a previously engaged subscriber for whom there's not been much recent activity.
3 starsLow engagement. Recipient infrequently interacts with your eCampaigns or hasn't been in your mailing list long enough.
4 starsMedium-level engagement. Recipient often opens or clicks links in your eCampaigns.
5 starsHigh engagement. Recipient consistently opens or clicks links in your eCampaigns.

New Subscribers

All new subscribers begin with a two-star rating. Their rating will reduce if they file a complaint against you or they bounce. Their rating will remain at two stars if they simply remain unengaged.

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