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Our clients are entrepreneurial – organisations wanting to innovate and enable new possibilities through business analysis and software development. See how our Consulting can help make this happen.

Business Analysis

Understand your business.
And grow your business.

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Web Development

Increase your visibility and access through web development.

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Software Dvelopment

Accelerating business innovation with smart software development.

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Dashboard Analytics

Business Intelligence & Big Data - All the services you'll ever need to get a personalised view of your big information.

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Business Analysis

At Inter Technologies we specialise in identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your business, working alongside you to review your current business processes.

The end-game is to identify and understand your business and the challenges you are facing and help to find solutions. We work with all your management and staff to understand and clearly document how they undertake their day-to-day activities. With a fresh pair of eyes we are able to provide an independent perspective on where improvements could be made.

Such solutions can cause disruption as they may often require changes to the way people work. But whatever solution we recommend - technology or procedural - we are confident and excited that behind every problem there lies opportunity. By combining our knowledge and your sector experience we can work together to find game-changing solutions.

Paint Point Analysis

Anything that has a negative impact on the day-to-day running of your business can be considered a paint point. You're probably aware of your pain points already and you might even think of them as the way it is. But even the smallest paint points over time can cause damage and impede growth.

At Inter Technologies we will review your end to end processes by interviewing key stakeholders in order to learn the challenges you are being faced with. We will look at the pain points of your business and how we can help develop solutions that will provide imediate impact and promote future growth.

We work with all your management and staff to understand and clearly document how they undertake their day-to-day activities. We are able to provide an independent perspective on where improvements could be made. We can then implement this strategy as a roadmap in order to help deliver your goals and transform your business processes into game-changing opportunities.

As Is & To Be Analysis

Reviewing your existing processes gives a clear picture of where your business is right now (as-is) and where you want it to go (to-be).

Our business analyst will review your existing processes to understand the people and technology involved in the overall journey and the constituent touch points (non-automated interaction with a process). Documenting your as-is processes gives a great starting point to making improvements and build the to-be.

Our business analysis delivers a clear plan that bridges the gap moving your current business model to your target business model.

Requirements Gathering, Digital Personas and User Story Creation

We create user stories to give a snapshot of a requirement from the perspective of the digital personas (persons who will interact with the new process).

User stories are concise documents, usually no longer than a single page. Ideally they should be stored electronically and be visible to all persons involved, for review to ensure they deliver your business goals.

Inter Technologies can help you to define business requirements and create user stories. And we will to continue to support you throughout your journey.

Technical Business Analysis

Working as a conduit between your development team and your business stakeholders, the role of a technical business analyst is very important in the translation of business requirements to your development team.

We will work with your business team to capture your vision and translate these requirements into something your development team can work with.

With a wealth of experience in business analysis and software development we are uniquely placed to ensure your business requirements are delivered using the latest technology.

Blue Sky Thinking

You'd love your project to be a game-changer - a market disrupter - Hello Blue Sky Thinking.

At Inter Technologies' we like to encourage a culture of open-minded thinking. Thought processes not in touch with the realities of the present or constrained by preconceptions.

Incorprating blue-sky thinking in the early phase of a project will yield ideas and new features that are jewels.

Let's Make it Happen

If you'd like to transform the way you do business get in touch and find out how we can help.

Web Development

All the help and support you'll need to make your business a game-changer. Dashboard analytics giving meaning to big data. Software and web development delivering custom high-tech solutions, with access to all your information across every type of device.

Your Information Available on Every Device

There's a good possibility your users will want to see their information on a smartphone and a tablet every bit as much as they will on a desktop computer.

Our expertise in responsive software design ensures your information will display and work perfectly on every device.

Your apps will be accessible across the planet to all your users with an Internet connection. Make sure your business is taking advantage of this opportunity.

Launch Fast

With our rapid software development and prototyping, we can get your project off the ground fast.

Getting your project from idea to delivery fast is essential.

Get started now and see how you can accelerate your return on investment.

24/7 Access to Your Enterprise

With the web software we develop you've got access to real-time information 24/7 from anywhere.

Our software gives you true access to your business anytime, anywhere, any place.

Get the Benefits of Software Running on the Cloud

All the apps we develop can be delivered on cloud ready architecture. And so every time the software is enhanced, you get the benefits of the new features immediately.

Using the technology provided by a web application means that users do not have to be burdened with downloading software to their device.

Let's Make it Happen

With over thirty years experience in delivering solutions across wide and varying industries, you can call on this experience when integrating new software into your organisation.

Tell us about your project and find out how we can help.

Software Development

We work with you to really understand your requirements, both now and in the future. Building future-proof software that will give you the flexibility needed as your business grows.

A Fit-For-Purpose Platform

Rapid prototyping gives you the opportunity to see your system as it's built. Meaning the software we build perfectly matches your specifications.

Our super-efficient development tools really speeds up the development process, helping you get up and running faster.

A quicker startup time means reduced setup costs and a faster return on investment.


Today, more than ever, businesses are constantly changing. We need to be gazelle like in the way we deliver software applications. Able to respond quickly to changing user needs.

We quickly deliver new functionality expected by our customers.

Great support! Fast development of the new functionality you'd like to see!

Quality Control Ensured

Our test-driven development ensures that all software we develop is tested before the development process has been completed.

All tests are created even before the development process is started.

Your software application is tested even as it's being developed, constantly enhancing the quality of the software code, design and the overall delivery. Ensuring the software we develop for you leads to a system that is always available and reliable.


Bring your App ideas to life on every mobile platform.

Build native Apps for IOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Get Your Project to Market Faster

Tell us all about what you'd like to achieve and find out how we can help.

Dashboard Analytics

Information is Power - Let us help you to get brilliant insights from your data.

Data Visualisation & Dashboards

We can transform complex data into stunning dashboards in no time. Combining data from various sources across your business. Giving you opportunities to drill into granular detail and dive deeper with detailed statistics.

Empower everyone in your organisation with accurate, beautifully presented data that’s available from any device.

Data Management

Many companies have their data scattered in a variety of places, in different formats. This makes it super difficult to get answers fast to the kinds of complex questions that will give you the business edge. Let us help you.

Let Us Help Drive Your BI Processes

Tell us all about your data and find out how we can help.

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